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Saddle Soap & Conditioner 

Not just for your tack! Great for use on your boots, your car, or even your hands.  Cleans incredibly well without being abrasive. Made with only 3 all-natural ingredients and lightly scented.

Bug Repellent/ Roll on 

All-natural, chemical-free, lightly scented net wt: 2 oz (56g)

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Tote Bags

Tote bags vary in size but most are the size of a standard square pad, 18" tall and 24" wide.
They easily hold boots, a helmet, dressage whip or jumping bat, splint boots, and a bridle and girth.
The pocket bags hold keys, cell phone, and a small wallet. Prices range from $45-$85

All tote bags have a unique design

based on the style of the saddle pad or blanket used to make the bag.


Provide your own saddle pad!

Custom bags include monograms and other embellishments based on your custom design. 

Purses & Pocket Bags

The purses and pocket bags are comprised of upcycled saddle pads and blankets. 
Ideal hostess gifts and often the perfect size for a bottle of wine. 

Smaller than the large tote bags and can be used for brushes, splint boots, laptops, iPads, Kindles, and even vet supplies. Prices range from $35-$45


The pocket bags are the right size for items you would carry in your pocket such as keys, credit cards, phones. Priced at $35

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